Rerelease of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil by Nightdive Studios

Translated by naums on 07.03.2017

Maybe you have read my reviews to the Turok-games. Then you will have found out, that I really liked Turok 2. Not only the leveldesign, or the technical parts, the enemies, the weapons, just everything in the game. I also liked the rerelease of Dinosaur Hunter.

Nightdive Studios [1], who also rereleased Dinosaur Hunter, will be also rereleasing the second Turok-title (according to Steam [2] on 16th March). The studio appears to be specialised on rereleasing old games. You can see a list of old classic games on the website of Nightdive [3], like Shadow Man or System Shock 2.

The trailer [4] shows little new, and much old stuff. The graphics received a marginal upgrade, it seems. I hope the game is playable on high resolutions, high framerates, with loads of settings and options and compatibility with newer hardware and operating systems. Unfortunately Nightdive seems to port games only for Windows or Mac, a port for the Linux operating system appears to be not in the works.

I'm excited for the rerelease and hope that the other Turok-titles will find their way into the gamging world of today.

[1] Nightdive Studios Website
[2] Turok 2 Steamspage
[3] Nightdive Studios Website - Listing of games
[4] Trailer
Written by naums on 07.03.2017


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