Turok Dinosaur Hunter source code found

Translated by naums on 14.01.2017

Sometimes people buy old computers. When they have a closer look at the PC, they find source code files and other files of old programmes or games on the hard drive. This how many code files have been found in the past. In this special case SiliconClassics has found the source code of Turok Dinosaur Hunte. He shows in the video some C-code files and plays some audiofiles.

This finding is very interesting for me. Not only that I had loads of fun back then with the successor (I really did not like Dinosaur Hunter as much to be honest). But I also would like to have a look at the code myself. With the code one could assess how the game was developed and how the game works. One could port it to newer hardware, add new effects, create a level-editor. Or maybe create a coop-shooter from the classic game. So many opportunities.

The video does not show whether the N64-version or the PC-version was found. If it is the N64-version you would need to port the game again to PC to develop it further. I think this is really interesting and I hope that fans and the community works with the code and maybe develops something really cool. Let's see.

: SiliconClassics will not publish the source code on the internet due to legal concerns. In his Update-Video he mentions, that the game is still in active development and sold on Steam. He will not publish code of the other games on his systems online either. He wants to sell these computers and donate a portion of the proceedings to charity. The buyer of the systems can then decide what to do with the data.

Image-source: turok.wikia.com
Written by naums on 14.01.2017


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