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Translated by naums on 03.01.2017

How often did I realize, that some videogame journalists fire up the hype train? Maybe via speculating, own hype or by praising a game for everything without even playing it. This "news"-entry will try to focus on this phenomenon, takes the Nintendo Switch console as example and the coverage about it in the German magacine GamePro.

There is not much known yet about the Switch. The consoles in the trailer were not real working console, but rather mockups and the gameplay was edited in afterwards. Speculating about secret bonus-features about the Switch is therefore mental for me [1]. The article in [1] discloses in the title, that it's only speculating, but the article does not help anyone, but traditional video game-press. Not only is the article not well formulated ("Obendrein ... obendrein" (engl: on top of that,...) in one sentence) but it does not show any journalistic skill in the slightest, where content and other articles are worked with, but only gives sources, that claim something. This source are not cited and not summarised. In general the article probably only serves as advertisment for the video.

Article [2] works with a citation, which states some unconfirmed information about the Switch. One can do that, but you are breaking the two-sources rule of journalism. GamePro claims, that the retail-version of the Switch will have 4 GB of main memory (RAM). I cannot tell if this number is true, and we will have to wait for confirmation until January when Nintendo released further information, like the articles states.
Zitat von [2]
Offiziell ist an dieser "Bestätigung" aber gar nichts und wir werden wohl müssen, wenn Nintendo selbst weitere Details bekanntgeben wird.
(translation: This "confirmation" is anything but official and we'll have to wait for Nintendo to publish more details.)

I cannot really think of any reason why GamePro sees the necessity to publish this article, which only consists of two paragraphs.

The article [3] is a bit bigger and engages the question, whether the Switch will have VR-support. GamePro derives from a very very vage answer which Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima gave in an interview with Bloomberg [4, engl], that it could be possible that the Switch gets VR-support. But Mr. Kimishima only really states, that Nintendo has a big interest in VR, but not, that the Switch will work in any way, shape or form with any VR-devices. The article itself is not as lurid as the above mentioned articles, but it sets the customers onto a completely wrong track.

Now my question. Why? Why does GamePro think it's appropriate to speculate about bonus-festures, why does GamePro believe in "4 GB of RAM for the Switch" is worthy of an news-article? Why is VR that important for the Switch, in the eyes of the GamePro? I think it has really something to do, that GamePro needs loads of clicks. Clicks on their website, their YouTube-Videos, and they throw their journalistic skill right over board for achieving that.

Dear GamePro and other gaming-outlets
: Please think twice about what you do with publishing speculations. Nearly every AAA-game is praised to the skies before the release, for example No Man Sky won several awards of E3 and GamesCom, but no one every really played it at that stage. You state Battlefield One has a foto-realistic look to it from trailer-images. Destiny has also been praised to the skies. And after the release, when the public sees that a game is not as good as you made it you, then you innocent, right? You haven't driven the expectations, but the developers and only them, and they didn't deliver, right?

Well, here's what: You are not innocent. It is your task to report factual about topics in the video game world and not make free advertisment for developers. Off course you can advertise a game, you can praise the good parts of games. But only if you really played the bigger part of the game yourself!

You should be sceptical towards video games. You should ask questions about the behaviour of developers and publishers. You should not get hyped about games and see right though the marketing-speeches. You should be the ones, who look critically on video games and you should in a way have an overseer-position. You should protect the customer from marketing-hype and basically prevent pre-orders, DLC-season-passes, and above everything from what is bad for the customer. You should not make advertisment for game, which are in this or that store cheaper because of some sale. You should be a counterbalance to the marketing-campaigns of publishers and developers.

[1] GamePro speculates about secret bonus-features of the Switch (German)
[2] GamePro: Switch allegedly twice as much RAM as the WiiU (German)
[3] GamePro: Switch with VR Support (German)
[4] Interview of Bloomberg with Tatsumi

Article-Image: Trailer for the Nintendo Switch
Written by naums on 01.11.2016


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