The End

Translated by naums on 06.05.2017

The end is near. The world is constantly changing, and nothing will be as before in middle earth (quote from Lord of the Weed, a German parody of The Lord of the Rings).

Oettinger Games was for a long time a project in my spare time. I'm working since 2010 on the website and on creating trailers for video games. I learned a lot, had many experiences, and playes loads of games. I've written loads of texts - 291 to be exact. In total 283 games are in my database. I'm proud of what I have achieved, on the one side on the technical level, but also on the experience I have build over the years. And even when I know, that PHP is not my favourite programming language, I always liked working on the website.

But everything will end. In the more recent times I saw no real reason for going on. I saw no real reason to deliver content, not real reason to be active on Youtube and post content, no real reason to fill the website and my Twitter feed. The number of clicks are quite low, on Twitter, Youtube and the website. Nothing of what I did here had an effect which would be appropriate for the time and effort I put in.

I always hated to do this project alone. Alone writing texts. Besides school, later my studies and other obligations I had little to no time to play games, and even less to write texts or create videos. I like that the Achievement Guide videos are so popular, but these are easily the most time consuming videos to create and need no creative process whatsoever.

But Oettinger Games went to on become more than a spare time project, it had become a job. A job besides my studies, beside political activities and besides a real job. I find it really interesting that I have not played much since I decides to close down Oettinger Games, and I haven't even thought on writing a text about a game. I will probably consolidate my collection and only keep the games I really want to play.

I wanted to open up the code for Oettinger Games CMS v2 for quite a long time. I had always feared that I could open up security leaks that people could use to tinker with my data or even worse to take over my server. But now the time has come. As long as I keep the domains I will put Oettinger Games into a Read-Only-mode, which will not be able to create, edit or remove data in/from the database.

For a long time I've thought about closing Oettinger Games. And now it's happening. I hope someone reads this statement at all. If so: thank you. Take care!

Written by naums on 03.04.2017


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