Adverts on Oettinger Games

Translated by naums on 02.01.2016

Some of you may have already noticed: I have adverts on my videos on youtube for some days. Since 2010 I hadn't made any income from Oettinger Games, nor any compensation for my expenses.

On the one side it's fun for me, writing reviews and bringing my sometimes cynical opinion out, it's fun creating videos. On the other side I do not want to take all the expenses of webhosting all on my own any further.

Some other youtube-personalities would say: "Please disable Adblock!". You may do it, but you don't have to. I know, that advertisment can be really annoying - and it's okay to feel that way. I don't want adverts most of the times either. So, if you want to support me, you may do it by watching the adverts or buying video games with the links to amazon from my site. If you don't - that's okay too.

But I want, that you understand, that I don't really like advertisment because I find them really annoying. I want to make videos and reviews, and I don't want to take all the expenses anymore. I hope you understand, that I had to go that way, and I hope, you trust me on this: I hate adverts probably more than you do.

Written by naums on 19.11.2015


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