Responsible for the contents

Stefan Naumann
Sachsendorfer Straße 5
09306 Erlau / OT Milkau

PGP-Key: 0xED7A8F3D


Correctness of the contents

There is no warranty, that any of the contents are correct, complete or up-to-date. If you should realise, that there is something not up-to-date or not correct, please contact me. The author does not warrant that the contents make sense or that you can use the contents. Furthermore the author does not take consequences for any damage, that the instruction might trigger.

Usage of external libraries and icons

Oettinger Games uses the
-library with the
-Addon. I hereby thank these great projects, to make it possible to provideo Oettinger Games as it is today.

Most of the Icons are from the
Tango-Icon Theme
version 0.8.90. I thank the developers of the icon theme, that they let me use these icons freely (as in free beer and freedom of speech).


The icons for the scores assigned to game-reviews (recommended, so and so, not recommneded) were created from the following template: Heart vector designed by

Providing packshots

Some of the packshots are provided by the develoeprs of the game. But if there aren't any provided by the developer or publisher (maybe because the game is too old), I use
. I thank these awesome guys and gals for the work they do with that website and forum.

Written by naums on 10.10.2013
Translated by naums on 01.11.2015